Based on county COVID-19 activity levels, our campus will adopt the protective measures found under "Substantial Activity" in our ResponsiveEd COVID-19 Health and Safety Guidelines this week. Among other practices, this means that students in Grades PK-12 will wear face coverings when it is not feasible to maintain a distance of at least six (6) feet from other individuals, including in classrooms. Thank you for your partnership in the safety of the students and staff on our campus.

ischool of lewisville

is a collective village of educational ideas, innovation, and intelligence, located within the Waters Ridge Business Park in Lewisville, Texas.

Serving hundreds of secondary school students, the school is a magnet for transformative education, leveraging the best of teachers and technology. The school is housed on two campuses, offering older learners genuine participation and leadership in engineering and entrepreneurship. With business relationships locally, NASA partnerships nationally, design studios, corporate engagements, and elevated engineering integration, iSchool of Lewisville is an exciting and challenging opportunity to receive a higher level of education. iSchool of Lewisville students learn the distinctions between participation as a way of life and contribution for the good of others.

foundational values


Our campuses are and will remain small by design. At iSchool of Lewisville, you are a name, not a number.


Because of our small population, we are closely-knit with a keen awareness of the happenings on campus.

High Quality

iSchool of Lewisville continues to meet state accountability standards by setting a higher expectation for our students.


We don’t just care about our students’ academic progress, but also their personal development.


K-5 Campus

6-12 Campus

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