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The iSchool of Lewisville provides a rigorous academic program focusing on strengthening student and teacher performances in science and mathematics subject areas as well as growing the number of students who pursue STEM Careers. The iSchool of Lewisville is a mastery-based program with integrated hands-on learning that cultivates innovative methods to improve science and mathematics education.

Campus Features

Fabrication Lab

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State-of-the-Art Science Lab

3D Printing Lab

On-Campus Dual Credit Courses

Personalized Program

Individualized Attention


The primary element of success at iSchool of Lewisville is the relationship developed between students and educators. The staff is highly motivated, directly engaged, and personally involved. iSchool of Lewisville integrates college-like studies into a system designed to familiarize students with a university setting.


iSchool of Lewisville offers maximum opportunity to learn effectively while maintaining the most rigorous grading standards in education. Teachers engage with each learner to provide 21st Century learning through classical curriculum.