6-12 STEM Campus

Faculty & Staff

Team of Deans

Andrea Jones

Head of School

Crystal Scott

Dean of Academics

Luther Phillips

Dean of Students

Nathan Morris

Dean of Athletics

STEM Administrative and Support Staff

Whitney McCully

Community Liason

Amy Radcliff

Campus Registrar and Office Manager

Gail Radcliff

Campus Aide

David Tairu

Dean's Assistant

Kim VanderHoek

Dual Credit Coordinator

STEM Special Education

Jennie Campbell

Dyslexia/504 Coordinator

Natalia Filio

Instructional Aide

Daniel Gillis

Special Education Teacher

Rodessha McCaplin

Instructional Aide

Emily Record

Special Education Teacher

Karin Smith

Instructional Aide

Shayla Stubblefield

Instructional Aide

STEM Middle School Staff

Ashley Hyde

6th Grade Math / Science

Tara Schabbing

6th Grade ELA / Social Studies

Brittany Hyde

7th Grade English Language Arts

Nadra LeSueur

7th Grade Math

Alexis Lantgen

7th Grade Social Studies

Nicole Ariail

7th Grade Science

Nicole Chisholm

8th grade Math / Algebra I
8th grade English Language Arts

Rachelle Stephenson

8th Grade Science & HS Aquatic Science

Kevin Harris

8th Grade Social Studies

Tyler Tillotson

P.E. Teacher & Coach

STEM High School Staff

Andres Cordova

HS Discipline / Spanish II-IV

Candace Craig

Chemistry/ Physics

Michael Hayes

Robotics / World History / Capstone

Ryan LeSueur

World Geography / World History

Noelle Mason

Drama / HS Electives

Stacy Oney

Dual Credit US History

Luther Phillips

Computer Programming/ Yearbook

Nicholas Moore

English III & IV

Tyler Tillotson

P.E. Teacher & Coach

Jennifer Vicks

Algebra 1 / Geometry

Gary Wilhelmi

Engineering / Information Technology

Jessica White

US History / Government / Economics

Erin Wimberley

Biology / Environmental Science / Principles of Health Sciences

Jill Wirz

English I & II

Ming Yang

Algebra II / Pre-Calculus / Calculus / DC Math / Math Models